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Mark Baxter

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07/02/11 07:06 PM #1    

Steve Crocker

I first remember meeting Mark in the 7th grade and was in contact with him throughout high school. I really got to know him best when we worked side by side for a couple years not long after graduation. The true character of a person is revealed when placed in unforgiving circumstances. I witnessed Mark under such conditions on the job and only two words come to mind: complete gentleman. Not saying this because he is no longer with us and feel the need to create a false persona concerning who he was. I just feel the need to tell what I witnessed first had.
I never saw him slander or gossip about anyone, even about those that had done it to him. I never saw him shake off responsibility for his actions or blame someone else for what he had done in error, even though it was done to him. I never saw him possess a disrespectful nature toward the people around him even though he was the target of this on many occasions.
Don't get me wrong, Mark was no doormat. He would stand up for himself when he knew he was right and apologize when he was wrong yet remain humble. I never knew him to wear his heart on his sleeve or draw attention to himself when his standard of excellence would paid off as it often did.
He was a guy that was quick to think and slow to speak. Always conscious of what he was saying and why he was saying it.
It's unfortunate to lose an individual of this charter when there are so few true examples of this today. This is not the testimony of an individual who knew Mark as a personal friend even though I would have been proud to have him as one. Mark and I never went fishing, had a beer together or played cards at each others' homes on the weekends.
 They say the true charter of an individual is what they will do when they believe they are not being watched. This is just the testimony of someone who can bare witness to that.


07/16/11 06:55 PM #2    

Virginia "Ginger" O'Brien (Parnell)

Steve NO ONE could have said it better or classier than you just did!!!  I very much agree he was one of the good ones'

01/22/12 01:54 AM #3    

Glenn Davisson

Mark was a great guy. I remember him fondly. I am shocked that he is gone.


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